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Killer glasses, punk hair, sunny smile that would make you feel like you did everything good if it was on you. Looks really tall on the internet. You will love her.

"looks really tall on the internet" anon ilu <333



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Why New Yorkers Should Small-Talk More



This is a clever study with suggestive findings, but the article makes one serious error in presenting its take: it attempts to extrapolate results concerning the behavior of non-New-Yorkers to predict outcomes concerning the behavior of New Yorkers.

The rent is too damn high, there’s far too damn many of us because the city’s so crowded, and people with grave mental illness co-inhabit public spaces with us because New York dismantled what remained of its asylum system decades ago. To suggest that the New Yorker’s workaday idle reflection on their own troubles, coupled with instinct for self-preservation, would present an obstacle to casual small-talk hardly beggars belief.

That pocket of privacy and solitude that we get on the way from point A to point B on a subway train is fucking sacred in this city. You do not violate that shit. You just don’t. (And in case someone does violate it, they’re usually trying to sell you something.)

If you want small talk in New York, you go to a bar, you shell out $10-20 for a drink, and you pay for it, just like you pay for everything else around here. Welcome and enjoy your stay. Tourist.

I needed to bold a section cause that is some damn TRUTH. Like it’s hard enough to get solitude in this damn city. That subway trip to and from work is a place for fucking meditation of a sort



Proposal for the next Star Trek TV series to be about Starfleet Academy.

#the epic story of how Gaila and Uhura reluctantly become friends #and how Uhura and Spock start dating #different species of aliens trying to date and then quickly getting confused and having to sit down to straighten out their courting customs #TOUCHING SOMEONE’S EARLOBE MEANS VERY DIFFERENT THINGS ON DIFFERENT PLANETS OKAY #meanwhile everyone is picking up everyone else’s slang so they start complaining about exams in thirty different languages #Sulu tries to start an intercollegial fencing league and nobody is interested until he takes off his shirt #I mean it also obviously does not have to feature Enterprise crew members AT ALL I just love my darlings being failbots #BUT YES ANYWAY aliens and humans facing action! and galactic adventure! and that really nasty cold going around the dorms! #humans trying to get their vulcan friends drunk while their vulcan friend very definitely do not feel an emotion very akin to smugness no no #definitely not at all #betazoids trying to figure out how to deal with all the emotions coming at them and also with some of their friends’ weird privacy hangups #everyone swapping favorite childhood movies for nostalgia nights #I just #college failbots #BEST #(meanwhile Jim Kirk makes a cameo in the very last episode) #(fifteen minutes late with Starbucks) [ x ]


Four Years in the Making

The Beginning: X Factor

Harry’s Audition 

Niall’s Audition 

Liam’s Audition 

Zayn’s Audition 

Louis Audition 

One Direction is Born 

Judge’s House Performance 

Final 12 Reveled 

Week 1 

Week One Video Diary 

Week 2 

Week Two Video Diary ♥

Week 3 

Week  Three Video Diary 

Week 4 

Week Four Video Diary ♥

Week 5 

Week Five Video Diary 

Week 6 

Week Six Video Diary 

Week 7 

Week Seven Video Diary ♥

Week 8  

Week Eight Video Diary 

Week 9 (Semi Final)   

Week Nine Video Diary  

Week 10 (Final)      

Week Ten Video Diary 

The End of their X Factor Journey: This isn’t the last of One Direction  

Forever Young Leaked 

Two Thousand Eleven Accomplishments

JanuaryOne Direction is signed by Simon Cowell to a two million dollar record deal.


2nd Forever Young book is published. 

15th The boys join the X Factor Tour. 

April: Promote Pokémon Black and White for Nintendo DS and DSi.             

4th The X Factor Tour Ends.

Up All Night album is recorded in La and Sweden. The boys did book signings, photo shoots and meeting. They also worked on their documentary. 

July23rd One Direction’s first anniversary

29th One Direction’s first appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man 

August:  What Makes You Beautiful is played for the very first time on BBC Radio 1.

5th WMYB is announced as a debut single 

19th WMYB music video released. 

September10th WMYB performed for the first time on Red or Black. 

11th WMYB is released in the UK as their first single on Up All Night. 

15th Dare to Dream book is published.

October:  Promotional tour and radio interviews in Europe.

November:  8th Gotta Be You music video released. 

18th Up All Night album released in UK and Ireland and One Direction perform WMYB and Gotta Be You at BBC Children in  Need  

21st Colombia Record in North America signs One Direction.

23rd A Year in the Making documentary premiers on ITV2.  

25th Wishing on a Star Charity single. 

December: 11th Gotta Be You is preformed on X Factor UK season 8. 

18th Up All Night Tour begins in the UK.

Two Thousand Twelve Accomplishments

January: 13th One Thing music video is released. 

February21st Win Best British Single at Brit Awards for WMYB.   

24th Tour with Big Time Rush begins.

March: 9th Tour with BTR ends

12th Very 1st TV performance in USA on the Today Show.

20th First British band to ever debut at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200. 

31st Kids Choice Awards ♥  

April:iCarly episode     and Saturday Night Live appearance.       

13th Australia and New Zealand Tour

May: 4th 2013 Take Me Home World Tour tickets go on sell and arenas are sold out

22nd Up All Night tour moves on to the US, Mexico and Canada

24th Movie premiere for Men in Black

29th One Direction Live Tour DVD  and One Direction Watch Party  

July: 1st Up All Night Tour ends

21st Flying Start with British Airways 

22nd The Boys win Three Teen Choice Awards

23rd One Direction’s second anniversary.

August: 12th Performance at London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.   

September: 6th Performance at the VMA’S     and win three VMAS 

20th Live While Were Young music video is released.    and performance at iTunes festival.   

28th Appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man 

October: 7th BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards and the LWWY performance for the first time.  ♥

8th Guest appearance on X Factor UK  

November: 2nd Little Things music video premiers. 

9th LWWY and Little Thing performance on X Factor USA   ♥

12th Take Me Home album released, performance on Today Show , 1D3D Movie announced.  

15th One Direction on Ellen airs 

16th One Direction perform LWWY and Little Things at BBC Children in Need   

20th One Direction’s TMH debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 

22nd Bambi Awards in Germany   

December: 3rd Madison Square Garden 

4th Day spent with winner of Go1Den Ticket

20th Kiss You preformed on X Factor USA finale. 

Two Thousand Thirteen Accomplishments

January: 7th Kiss You music video premiers. 

13th One Direction goes to Africa for Comic Relief. ♥  

17th One Direction goes to Japan.

26th NJR awards in France.     

February: 20th One Direction wins “Global Success Brit”   , preforms One Way Or Another ♥  and OWOA music video premiers 

23rd TMH Tour kicks off in the O2 Arena in London, UK.

March: 27th Kiss You alternate version is released.  

May: 16th One Direction Big Announcement. Where We Are Worldwide Stadium Tour.   

April: 18th One Direction wax figures are made by Madame Tussauds.   

June: 6th Our Moment Fragrance Launch Party.     

8th TMH Tour in North America Starts

10th One Direction and Office Depot Team up: 1D + OD Together Against Bullying      

25th 1D: This Is Us” official tailor is released.  

July: 22nd Best Song Ever" single is released. BSE music video premiers. 

23rd One Direction’s third anniversary.

August: 11th BSE is performed for the very first time ever at the Teen Choice Awards 2013.   One Direction also wins 4 surfboards: Choice Music Group, Choice Summer Tour: TMH Tour, Choice Single by Group: LWWY and Choice Love Song: Little Things. 

20th 1D: This Is Us premieres in London. 

23rd Today Show Performance in the U.S.A. 

25th Our Moment Perfume is released at Harrods in the UK and One Direction present at the MTV Video Music awards  and Win a Moon Man for Best Song of the Summer: Best Song Ever  

26th This Is Us premieres in New York

27th Where We Are book is released

28th Perform BSE on America’s Got Talent   

29th and 30th This Is Us is released in 41 countries

September: 6th One Direction announce their third album: Midnight Memories. Pre order for the album is announced for Monday September 9th and the album is set to be released on the 25th of November.

9th Midnight Memories hits #1 and #2 in the charts after only being out for pre order for not even 24 hours.

25th One Direction named Most Powerful Artist of 2013 

27th One Direction signs a deal with Simon Cowell to release 3 more albums.

October: 2nd Big Announcement: Seven Hour Livestream: 1D Day on November 23rd   

25th Story Of My Life single is released
27th PerformBSE on The X Factor Australia 

November: 3rd End of TMH Tour,This Is Us premiere in Japan, Story Of My Life music video is released  and One Direction win Best British Group at the BBC Radio Teen Awards  

16th One Direction appear on the Johnathan Ross Show   

21st Perform SOML for the 1st time live on the X Factor U.S.A.

23rd 1D Day  

24th For their first time at the American Music Awards they perform SOML and win 2 AMAs:Favorite Pop/Rock Duo or Group and Favorite Pop/Rock Album for TMH    

25th The 3rd album Midnight Memories is released and iHeartRadio holds a release party    

26th Perform on Good Morning America ♥      and play the Skype Scavenger Hunt on Jimmy Kimmel Live  

December: 4th  During the 1st week of December, Midnight Memories becomes the fastest selling album of 2013 with 200,000 copies sold. One Direction make history in the U.S. charts by becoming Pop Music Legends for debuting at #1 with all 3 of their albums: UAN, TMH, and MM. 

7th Appear on Saturday Night Live and perform a skit, SOML and for the 1st time live Through the Dark.   

13th One Direction’s Take Me Home Tour is announced as No. 12 On Billboard’s Top 25 tours of 2013 

15th Perform MM for the 1st time live on The X Factor UK 

19th Perform SOML and MM on the X Factor U.S.A.  

27th One Direction is named DoSomething’s runner up for Most Charitable Celebrities of 2013 

Two Thousand Fourteen Accomplishments (So Far)

January:  8th Win Favorite Band at the 2014 People’s Choice Award  

30th One Direction are named the Most Popular Music Act of 2013 

February: 19th Win Global Success Brit for the 2nd time in a row and a Brit for Best British Video of the Year for BSE at the Brit Awards 2014.     

27th Announcement for a new fragrance That Moment 

March: 29th Win 2 KCAs: Fave Music Group and Fave Song: SOML at the 2014 Kid’s Choice Awards 

April: 2nd A short film for That Moment is released 

11th You & I is announced as the 4th single off of Midnight Memories  

25th One Direction’s Stadium Tour Where We Are kicks off in Bogota, Columbia. 

27th Win Best Music group at the 2014 Radio Disney Awards 

May: 24th One Direction open at the 2012 BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend in Glasgow and perform WMYB, MM, Kiss You, You & I, Little Things, SOML, and BSE 

June: 8th Ray of Sunshine  

9th You & I Fragrance announcement debuting Summer 2014 

July: 11th One Direction’s Where We Are Tour is named No. 1 in the 2014 Mid Year Top 100 Worldwide Tours 

21st Announcement for Where We Are tour concert video  and You & I Fragrance backstage video is released ♥

22nd Where We Are concert video trailer released

23rd One Direction’s fourth anniversary 

August : 11th Makeup by One Direction: The Looks Collection inspired by One Direction’s “globe-conquering albums” Up All Night, Take Me Home and Midnight Memories is set to be available at Macy’s in the U.S.A 

October: 11th and 12th Where We Are concert video is set to be released