So apparently in Save the Pearls, the white people everyone hates are called pearls. Asian people are called ambers. Latin@ people are called tiger eyes. And of course black people are called coals. Um.

Among the many many arguments I’ve seen pop up for why the concept is complete shit (all of which are VERY VALID and more complex and serious than this) one is: you’ve broken the entire world down into four races, the ruling class of which are black people, and you’ve named everybody BUT the ruling class after something precious?


Dear Victoria Foyt, your racism may be tough to solve, but I’ve got one of your logic issues covered, girl. Off the top of my head, have some black gemstones: Jet. Onyx. Obsidian. Then I googled ‘black gemstones’ because I am a certified genius and found this within the first few results. Also this. And this. And this. FIRST FOUR LINKS ON GOOGLE WOW.

Opal! Tourmaline! Agate! Apparently there is black diamond, sapphire, jasper and quartz (as there are black pearls, which are incidentally more rare and expensive than regular white ones. Isn’t there a BOOK called ‘The Black Pearl’? Whatever). Did you know that another name for onyx is chalcedony? 


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  3. rob-anybody said: All of this, seriously. Like, could she not have taken five fucking minutes to google that shit? Was writing endless descriptions of gleaming white skin and blonde, shiny hair so important that she could not get the most basic world-building right?
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    1. Honestly, that “book” is just…well, it should be disintegrated. 2. Completely off topic, but I finally understand why...
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    COAL for gods sake. COAL. This white woman. May she fall into everlasting obscurity along with her pos work.
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