I have legit read more than one Teen Wolf fic wherein the author rewrites history so that Stiles was the one who checked on Danny after he got paralyzed by the kanima at Jungle, in order to portray Stiles as a sympathetic hero and Scott a scatterbrained douchebag who doesn’t take care of his friends.

Like. It’s OKAY that Stiles was not the person who sweetly and sincerely asked Danny if he was okay and assured him that his ex got kanimaed too. That doesn’t make Stiles neglectful — he was in the car keeping an eye on Jackson! We all got our jobs to do! But seriously STOP TAKING SCOTT’S HEROIC TRAITS AND ACTIONS AND GIVING THEM TO STILES. 

  1. spanthedistance said: Ugh, Scott portrayal in fic is the WORST. I remember one where Stiles got turned into a cat and the reasoning for leaving him with Derek was that nobody trusted Scott to take care of Stiles. And I just had to click out. HE IS A VET ASSISTANT!
  2. bookworm221b said: I dislike when they erase Scott as Stiles’ friend entirely because it is canon that they each hate it when the other is mad at them. They fight and get mad at one another, but they are ALWAYS there for one another, even when they are angry.
  3. aclassicnotion said: what the hell. I knew fandom gave scott’s traits to stiles but I didn’t know it LITERALLY took scenes and put stiles in scott’s place like that
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