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I dislike when they erase Scott as Stiles’ friend entirely because it is canon that they each hate it when the other is mad at them. They fight and get mad at one another, but they are ALWAYS there for one another, even when they are angry.

What I see a LOT of in fic is Stiles leaving Scott to join Derek’s pack, and in order to justify this a lot of authors break up Scott and Stiles’ friendship — but since Stiles is their hero, they have to villainize Scott so that Stiles doesn’t look like a douche.

IDK, it makes me nuts. One of my favorite things about the Teen Wolf canon in the first place is Scott and Stiles’ ridiculous, mutual, since-childhood, bad-idea-brain-twins friendship. Scott and Stiles are never breaking up. Everything Stiles does that’s related to werewolves — doing research, being the designated driver for shenanigans, learning a little bit of magic maybe, nearly getting himself killed — is canonically, explicitly, because he is Scott’s best friend.

If what you love best about Teen Wolf is Stiles, and you take Scott and his friendship and Stiles’ devotion to both away from Stiles, you… are taking a huge part of Stiles away from Stiles! Like. What. How does that make sense.

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