What if “tell me what you need” is a thing Spock and Uhura say to each other all the time?

Like nobody is perfect no human is perf no half-Vulcan half human is perf

I bet there are times when Uhura is sad or stressed or angry or lonely and most Terran humans would be able to extrapolate from all her non-verbal communication what is wrong but Spock doesn’t know how which is not his fault because this shit is hard and extremely new to him

I bet there are times when Spock is sad or stressed or angry or lonely and he’s been taught his entire life that he’s not supposed to be any of those things but he can’t help his reactions to his own emotions and Uhura doesn’t know what to do because Spock’s Vulcan behavior is indecipherable to her because it’s supposed to be

So they both learn to motherfucking ASK

I see that you’re feeling something but I don’t know what it means and I want to help you if I can so tell me what you need

and sometimes it’s serious and poignant and brimming with emotions okay and sometimes it’s like lol it’s morningtime and Imma run to the messhall and make me some chocolate-chip waffles tell me what you need and sometimes it’s functional like hey it’s your turn to make dinner tonight Imma run by the bodega on my way back from the linguistics lab, tell me what you need, and sometimes it’s sexy and/or teasing and/or dirty, you are so beautiful, I want you so badly, I want you all the time, tell me what you need

So when Nyota runs to Spock on the Enterprise it’s not even something new it’s a ritual between the two of them and it’s a shock to him, in the middle of a grief so huge he almost can’t feel it, in a crisis so gigantic he doesn’t even know what to do first, a grounding question from somebody who loves him who he love love loves: 

tell me what you need

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